F-Secureという Anti-virus が NYAGOS を誤検出したらしいので、誤検出を報告した

I am developing the Open Source Software: NYAGOS(Nihong Yet Another Going Shell).


But, my software's user is troubled because your products reports it as a malware, and prevents from using it. It is the command-line shell and it can not be a malware.

Would you fix your product or tell me what I should do to avoid my software reported as a malware ?



件名:F-Secure: 01593886 I heard your product reports my open source so [ ref:00Db0JXpV.5000X1R6wQO:ref ]


Thank you for your submission. The file that you have submitted is clean and currently did not detect by our product. In case if our product detect your software again, please provide the detection name or the scanning report so that we can investigate the issue. If there is anything else we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us again.



Thank you for your reply.

I am grad that the latest version of your product did not detect problem in my software. I would tell your answer to my user , and ask him to test in the latest version. If he or I contact you again, please support us.

Kaoru Hayama

最新バージョンで問題が検出されなくて喜ばしい。 ユーザに回答を伝えて、最新バージョンで試してもらうよう頼むつもりだ。 もし、彼もしくは私が再びコンタクトしたら、サポートお願いします。